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July 28, 2022

US Dream Rock Band NORTHERN GLOOM Present “Autolux” Music Video


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“Autolux” is a track taken from Post-Punk band NORTHERN GLOOM’s upcoming album “Here It Is!”, which is due for release on August 26th, 2022. Northern Gloom’s new album “Here It Is!” – the follow-up to their 2021 debut album “Watch… There It Goes!” – shows off the band’s growth as a songwriting unit. This growth is best shown off in their new single, “Autolux”, a heavy-hitting song about living in a supposedly free country where those at the highest levels of power are not subject to the same laws that the rest of us are bound by. All this content is delivered with a shit-eating grin that defines Northern Gloom’s attitude and ability to effectively call out hypocrisy without sounding preachy. Featuring Brian Doherty on the drums, Cory Paternoster on bass and backing vocals, and Michael James Stipe on lead vocals and guitar, Gloom is always working and is a major part of the Northeastern United States music scene. They recorded this album at Noisy Little Critter Studios with Mike Bardzik during a 4.5 day blizzard in 2021 and it’s a great representation of where Northern Gloom has been and where they are going. Either hop on board or don’t be surprised when the flight leaves without you! Northern Gloom is a cosmic post-punk band from Central Pennsylvania. This isn’t about romance, personal affirmation, or ego. This is Music For The Right Fucking People. Inspired by the tribal sounds of Killing Joke, and the echoing call of the Chameleons, Northern Gloom is a hypnotic reflection of the North Eastern United States; beautiful landscapes marred with large industrial parks rusting once bustling with opportunity. The band’s lingering sound is reminiscent of the echoing heard between valleys. A genderless poetry containing no reference to self. We are all of one being. READ MORE