Hope Darling Shares Powerful Lyric Video for ‘Absolution (One Last Breath)’ | Epictronic

April 2, 2024

Hope Darling Shares Powerful Lyric Video for ‘Absolution (One Last Breath)’


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Florida-based alt-rock quintet Hope Darling is poised to stir hearts and captivate minds with their latest lyric video, “Absolution (One Last Breath),” a standout track from their acclaimed album ENSŌ, available via Epictronic. Drenched in emotion and fueled by raw passion, “Absolution (One Last Breath)” beckons listeners into Hope Darling’s world of sonic enchantment, where every lyric is a brushstroke painting a vivid portrait of human experience. With haunting vocals and mesmerizing melodies, the band delivers an unforgettable journey through the depths of emotion and the resilience of the human spirit. Hope Darling’s ‘Absolution (One Last Breath)’ is a haunting masterpiece that resonates with the soul, leaving an indelible mark on anyone who listens. Hope Darling is a Florida-based rock quintet that blends passionate vocals, immersive melodies, and a captivating full-band sound that’s enchanted audiences for over five years. Led by Gabriel Sanchez and comprising Jason Donadio, Jeff Durso, Frank Dancey, and Richard Gomez, the band draws from diverse influences, spanning Rock, Classical, Reggae, and Hip-Hop. Their compelling songwriting and exceptional musicianship earned them a Breakout Band nomination in 2015 and saw their single “Lifeline” featured in Spike Lee’s Netflix series “She’s Gotta Have It,” gaining local and national airplay. Navigating through thoughtful lyricism with incredibly moving, uplifting, and energizing musicianship, Hope Darling has already amassed an impressive catalog of achievements, but this is just the beginning.