Muzozoic – “Fuzock:” OUT TODAY! | Epictronic

March 8, 2024

Muzozoic – “Fuzock:” OUT TODAY!


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Embracing a distinctive musical style, Muzozoic humorously refers to their blend of jazz and rock as ‘Jazock’ or ‘Fuzock,’ inviting listeners to immerse themselves in their experimental soundscape and interpret this genre-bending fusion in their own way. The trio’s illustrious journey commenced with a nomination for the esteemed Grand Prix Jazz Melomani Award in 2015. Subsequently, they captivated audiences with their debut albums “Telepatologika” (2017) and “Jazock?” (2018), earning acclaim from both critics and music aficionados in Poland. The triumphant return of Muzozoic in 2023 with “Fuzock:” signifies a testament to their resilience and commitment to pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration. Inspired by Władysław Strzemiński’s 1932 alphabet concept, Muzozoic’s emblematic font embodies their avant-garde spirit, balancing minimalistic geometric shapes to create an enigmatic visual identity.