Ambient/Jazz King Shadowdream Returns with New Album ‘Music For You To Die To’ | Epictronic

February 16, 2024

Ambient/Jazz King Shadowdream Returns with New Album ‘Music For You To Die To’


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Epictronic Records proudly announces the forthcoming release of Shadowdream’s highly anticipated album ‘Music For You To Die To’, set to hit the airwaves on March 15, 2024. Going back two decades, Shadowdream emerged as a vision to explore the uncharted territories of musical landscapes and genre boundaries. In the upcoming album, Shadowdream, the brainchild of Rastko Perišić, delves into uncharted emotional depths with ‘Music for You to Die To’. Reflecting on his upbringing and drawing inspiration from his father’s profession as a pathologist, Shadowdream offers an introspective journey, delving into the realm of pathology offices and autopsy rooms. This musical odyssey grapples with profound existential questions—pondering the moments before death and the array of emotions that encapsulate that fleeting final phase of life. “I sought to capture the enigmatic realm behind closed doors of crime scenes and medical examiners, contemplating the emotions that surface in those last moments—be it anger, sadness, happiness, or calmness. This album is a reflection on acceptance of the inevitable end and the perception of a life’s meaning,” shares Rastko Perišić. “Music for You to Die To” stands as a testament to Shadowdream’s unyielding artistic integrity, marking its 10th album milestone. Rastko extends heartfelt gratitude to Carlo Bellotti and the entire Epictronic team for their unwavering support throughout this transformative musical odyssey. SHADOWDREAM Shadowdream, originating in 2004 during Rastko Perišić’s studies in Violin and Musical Theory (2002 – 2006), swiftly launched its debut demo in December 2005, limited to 33 copies. Subsequent releases included the albums “Slava Perunu” and “Bratstvo smrti” in 2006, capped at 33 and 66 copies, respectively. In 2007, a pivotal contract was inked with the French label Occultum Productions for the release of the album “Carstvo tišine.” Following this, Rastko relocated to Rome, Italy, for a two-year Italian language study stint, during which he crafted and released “Part of the Infinity” via German label Nordsturm Productions in 2009. That same year, he achieved a BA in Cinema studies from the University of Novi Sad (2006 – 2009). The album “De sphaera volvelle” found its release through the German label Naturmacht Productions in 2010, coinciding with Rastko’s move to Stockholm, Sweden, where he completed an MA degree in Cinema Studies at Stockholm University (2011 – 2013). During the Swedish tenure, Shadowdream inked a deal with Italian label WormHoleDeath Records. This collaboration led to the release of “Um” in 2014 and “The Sunsettler’s Motel” in 2016. Later years saw successive albums under Epictronic Records, namely “Jazz soundtracks for Embalming” (2020), “Nostalgia” (2021), and “Music for You to Die To” (2024). Throughout its existence, Shadowdream has navigated various musical styles and genres, notably venturing into black metal, dark ambient, space ambient, neoclassical, dark jazz, and film music.