Promotion | Epictronic


The promotion of our bands and releases, takes form through Magazines, Tv Broadcast, Independent radios (local, regional, national and foreign) and Web sites with a mailout of 190.000 media targets.

Print Promotion

Print promotion is one of our priorities regarding all sectors of activities. Regardless whether we are dealing with the relevant music magazines, smaller local papers or glossy magazines, and no matter whether this is about interviews, tour dates or tour presentations, we cooperate with all forms of print media.

Radio Promotion

We’re taking care of a list with a lot Independent radio channels and stations including supra regional / nationwide stations, radios under public law / federal state wide stations and local radios, day and nigh time program.

DJ Campaigns

We have created a list of around 700 djs in Europe which will receive our products for airplay in dance halls, aftershows, clubs.

TV Promo

If a video release is planned we serve this to the relevant Channels. Tour promotion and appearance in possible (and relevant) TV Shows are possible from time to time as well.

Tour Promotion

If tour plans will be scheduled, we combine the album promo with tour promo. We provide everyone with tour dates and invite as much people as possible. We can also do raffles to get bigger tour

  • presentions of the tour in combination with the booker.
  • tour date announcements
  • interviews on tour – all kind of media
  • Live reviews

as well as

  • coordination of guestlist and if possible interview coordination on spot.


We serve the CDís to all relevant Online Zines / Mags with focus on review, features and interviews.

Extra Promo/Press Releases

We enclose all press releases in our monthly newsletter, reaching more than 130.000 recipients via professional mailing list.