Timea Göghova Presents “”Shadows”” Music Video | Epictronic

April 2, 2024

Timea Göghova Presents “”Shadows”” Music Video


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Timea Göghova, the versatile artist renowned for her dynamic range of musical prowess, is delighted to present the music video for the evocative single “Shadows.” This mesmerizing track is a standout from her critically acclaimed album “Wild Storm,” now available globally via Epictronic. “Shadows”- the longest track from Timea Göghova’s Ballad Album “Wild Storm” via Epictronic is like a hymn. One special thing about this video is, that one can see the pianist Carolina Melisa Gonzalez for the first time in a video clip. The Argentinian piano player and songwriter recorded all the piano tracks on the ballad album, Wild Storm. Another special thing is the feature on the track: Guitar played by Alex Scholpp, the guitarist of Tarja Turunen. Feature in the video: Sebastian Listl, the guitar player of the thrash metal band Nuclear Warfare.