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February 3, 2021

“Shout Down The Silence” Keeps Attracting International Film Festival Awards


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Things continue to go from strength to strength with the new single Shout Down The Silence by Jeremy Harry Harris. Having signed a record deal with Epictronic, the first single “Shout Down The Silence” has rocketed into the consciousness of thousands of people all around the globe via YouTube, global distribution partner The Orchard (Sony) and a dedicated fan base that continues to share his work via multiple online platforms.

The accompanying music video has now reached over 444,000 people since posting on the labels’ YouTube channel, in addition to collecting numerous awards and official selections into Film festivals around the world. In fact at the time of writing this article, Shout Down The Silence has been included into yet another International Film Festival for “Best Music Video”.

On this occasion Shout Down The Silence takes the prize for the Gona Film Awards which will screen 01st March 2020. To date Shout Down The Silence has taken home an unprecedented six (6) International Film Festival awards including:

– Malta International Film Festival – Best Music Video – Official Selection
– Gona Film Awards – Official Selection
– Tagore International Film Festival –Award Winner – Best Music Video
– Druk International Film Festival – Award Winner – Best Music Video
– Virgin Spring Cinefest – Award Winner – Best Music Video
– Cult Critic Movie Awards – Award Winner – Best Music Video

This amazing achievement by Jeremy Harry Harris in his debut role as Writer, Director, Producer and Actor makes this music video a must see! It can be found right here

When asked how he felt about these prestigious awards being bestowed upon Shout Down The Silence, Jeremy replied “I am stunned! I mean literally stunned. I write my music for public consumption and invest a lot of time, emotion, money and effort into creating tracks that connect and mean something to people. When I had finished tracking SDTS (Shout Down The Silence), I just knew it wasn’t complete until a video was made for it. I turned to award winning Movie maker Peter Renzullo to help me deliver the songs’ message by creating something amazing, thought provoking and visually challenging. The finished product was a music video that was powerful, controversial, engaging and confronting at the same time. It was a direct visualisation of the lyrics within the song and I know that both Peter and I had similar vision and direction with where we wanted to take this music video. Through all this though, I never expected the music video to be embraced by so many and not in my wildest dreams did I think it would be worthy of a Best Music Video Award, let alone 6 times over. I guess it just goes to show that the world is looking for answers and searching for hope during these challenging times. I feel SDTS definitely encourages people to Shout Down The Silence and become the Beacon of Hope that we long for in our everyday lives”.

With such a fine piece of visual art being held up to scrutiny by multiple international film festivals and passing with flying colours, there is plenty to shout about for Jeremy Harry Harris. Shout Down The Silence is available now as an audio download via all good digital retail platforms – https://orcd.co/57akdye