Singer/Songwriter Faith Federica Sciamanna Unveils “The Chase” Single & Video | Epictronic

June 13, 2024

Singer/Songwriter Faith Federica Sciamanna Unveils “The Chase” Single & Video


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Alternative rock sensation Faith Federica Sciamanna proudly presents her latest single “The Chase,” now available through Epictronic Records. In light of recent global turmoil, this touching anthem serves as a rallying cry for all those affected, urging them to stand resilient against adversity rather than passively enduring the actions of their oppressors. The lyrics encapsulate the unspoken words of a victim, revealing the courage they never found to confront their perpetrator until it was potentially too late. Despite the flicker of hope that cracks through the wall of fear, stifled anger often ensnares us, leaving us in a state of panic and suffering. The track was written by Faith and produced by Marco Chiereghin. Hailing from Viterbo, Italy, “Faith” Federica Sciamanna embarked on her musical journey in 2006. As the lead vocalist, songwriter, and composer of the renowned rock band, The Shiver, she has shared stages across Europe with esteemed acts such as Papa Roach, Misfits, The Ark, God Is An Astronaut, and Tarja Turunen. Beyond The Shiver, Faith’s versatility as a multi-instrumentalist shines through. She has contributed her talents as a vocalist, guitarist, and synth player to numerous Italian and international bands, including TWOP (metal), Giuseppe Ottaviani (trance), Andrea Seki (neo-Celtic), and Heich (Irish/Rock). In 2013, Faith launched the acclaimed brand “Backstage Academy,” synonymous with high-quality rehearsal spaces and music centers worldwide. Her solo endeavors further underscore her musical prowess, with a debut album released in 2021 under Epictronic. Faith’s creative influence extends beyond music, having authored records, and books, and collaborated with esteemed film productions such as “Black Moon” (Fandango) and “Leonardo” (Lux Vide). Currently, Faith imparts her expertise as a vocal coach, nurturing budding talents, and conducting breath and singing retreats and workshops, thereby enriching the musical community with her passion and knowledge.

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