Avant-garde/Acoustic Doom Discovery Forever Autumn Signs with Epictronic | Epictronic

June 8, 2023

Avant-garde/Acoustic Doom Discovery Forever Autumn Signs with Epictronic


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Groundbreaking avant-garde/acoustic doom discovery Forever Autumn is thrilled to announce their recent signing with Epictronic Records for the EP “Crowned in Skulls,” set to be released worldwide on July 21st, 2023. This record is an exploration of shamanism and witchery through the captivating fusion of Pagan Folk and Acoustic Doom, featuring five mesmerizing tracks that will transport listeners to mystical realms. Following the success of their 2021 EP, “Hail the Forest Dark,” Forever Autumn continues to push the boundaries of their musical prowess with “Crowned in Skulls.” The EP showcases the band’s evolution as they delve further into the territories of acoustic and pagan music, accompanied by the hauntingly beautiful guest appearance of Aaron Stainthorpe on ‘The Forest and the Nyght’. Autumn Ni Dubhghaill, the visionary founder and driving force behind Forever Autumn, expressed the excitement regarding this new chapter: “Here, in the twenty-third year of Forever Autumn, we are pleased, proud, and humbled to announce that after decades of hard work and hopeless toil, we have signed with Epictronic Records to take ‘Crowned in Skulls’ global, thus moving forward into a new era. This record is the most accurate, contemporary, and ancient portrait of Forever Autumn yet. It honors past works while moving forward with a more overt metal influence than Forever. Since its inception in 2000, Forever Autumn has captivated audiences with their enchanting compositions. Their self-titled demo in 2001 marked the beginning of their journey, followed by a series of demos throughout the following decade. In the 2010s, Forever Autumn made their mark with a series of impactful album releases, including the critically acclaimed “Patience of ðm Fire-Keeper” (2014), the reborn version of their debut full-length “Waiting for Öktober MMXVI” (2016), the evocative “Howls in the Forest at Dusk” (2019), and the recent EP “Hail the Forest Dark” (2021). Their distinct blend of instruments, with Autumn Ni Dubhghaill leading on guitar, balalaika, bodhran, doom drum, rattle, cello, and vocals, accompanied by the talented cellist Jon McGrath, has garnered them acclaim as a band whose music is “elegant in its simplicity, fragile in its beauty” (DoomMetal.com). The upcoming EP, “Crowned in Skulls,” promises to be a landmark release for Forever Autumn, solidifying their position as pioneers of the Avant-garde Acoustic Doom genre. With the support of Epictronic Records, this mesmerizing collection of songs is destined to captivate listeners and take them on an ethereal journey through ancient mysticism and sonic exploration.