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September 14, 2023

US Rockers Mad Painter Sign With Epictronic


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US rock quintet Mad Painter has officially inked a record deal with Epictronic Records for the release of their sophomore album, “Splashed.” This musical gem is slated to hit the airwaves on October 20th, 2023, and promises to be a musical masterpiece that will resonate with rock enthusiasts worldwide. “Splashed” is a captivating fusion of heavy rock anthems, 1970s-style, drawing inspiration from the iconic sound of Uriah Heep, as well as melodious and bluesy ballads, and infectious retro pop that will delight diverse music enthusiasts. Recorded during and after the challenging pandemic lockdown, the album’s creation was a labor of love and determination. With restrictions limiting studio gatherings to no more than three people at a time, Mad Painter demonstrated unwavering commitment, dedicating one year to the recording and an additional year to the mixing and mastering of the 17 mesmerizing tracks that comprise “Splashed.” A true testament to their enduring passion for music. The album features a collection of timeless tracks, with some dating back to 1997, an era well before Mad Painter’s formation. Tracks such as “I Don’t Know,” “A Friend In France,” and “Lie To Me” were initially demoed by Alex, the band’s visionary songwriter, then thoughtfully preserved for nearly a quarter-century before being brought back to life with a contemporary touch. Similarly, “You Nearly Stole My Heart Away,” penned in 2011, showcases a breezy Al Stewart-style melody with a rhythm pattern reminiscent of the Zombies’ classic “Time of the Season,” exemplifying the evolution of ideas and the true essence of Mad Painter’s unique sound. “Splashed” further introduces orchestrated ballads like “I’ve Been A Fool” and “I Live For Love,” originally from the band’s early lineup, and pop-infused tunes inspired by the likes of ABBA and Elton John, such as “Love Is Gold.” Throughout the album, Mad Painter’s signature style remains steadfast, blending heavy rock fueled by organ and guitar, drawing influences from legendary acts like Deep Purple, Mountain, Argent, Bloodrock, Procol Harum, and the Small Faces. With “Splashed” paving the way for their musical journey, Mad Painter has already begun working on their follow-up album, reaffirming their commitment to crafting genuine and enthralling rock anthems that stand the test of time. Rooted in the heart of Boston, Mad Painter stands as a quintessential emblem of the timeless melodic rock traditions of the 1970s. Led by the visionary songwriter Alex Gitlin, the band comprises drummer Alan Hendry, bassist Kenne Highland, and guitarist Alan Naha, each bringing diverse musical backgrounds to the mix. Recently, the addition of backing vocalists Sharon Crumrine and Julie Gee has further enriched the band’s already mesmerizing performances. Mad Painter’s scintillating live shows have garnered rave reviews from critics and journalists alike. Their stage presence, complemented by authentic 70s rock vibes, matching stage attire, and exceptional musicianship, creates an electric atmosphere, igniting the crowd to dance and sing along —making each show an unforgettable performance. The band’s recent release of two singles and their latest album this year has further solidified their status as a rising rock powerhouse, attracting a dedicated fanbase eager to embark on a nostalgic journey with Mad Painter.