US Post-Punk Rockers NORTHERN GLOOM Sign With Epictronic | Epictronic

July 12, 2022

US Post-Punk Rockers NORTHERN GLOOM Sign With Epictronic


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Central Pennsylvania-based Post-Punk sensation NORTHERN GLOOM have signed with Epictronic a licensing deal for their album “Here It Is!”, which is due for release on August 26th, 2022.

Band statement about the signing:
“Northern Gloom is very excited to announce our partnership with Epictronic. For us, Northern Gloom is not just a band, it’s a way of life. Northern Gloom is a mentality. Northern Gloom is a reflection of society. Northern Gloom helped us to get through the worst part of the pandemic by pouring ourselves into our art. We hope that our new album “Here It Is!” is able to reach a much wider audience than our first album with the help of the Epictronic team. We want to perform in Europe, the West Coast of the USA and wherever else in the world people want to experience the white-hot energy of our live show. This summer we will be touring the Midwest United States in support of this upcoming release and we can’t wait. We have so much great music to release and it’s a dream to be a part of this band. Our tagline has always been “Music For The Right Fucking People!” aka the people that know that life is a gift and live accordingly. The story of our first record is how the few can really fuck things up for the many by letting their greed rule their hearts and minds. The story of our second record is being above all of the bullshit that modern-day society throws at your doorstep. This is why there is a beautiful image of an airplane in flight on the album cover. We’re not here to virtue signal that we are good people, rather, we are asking you to join us on our airplane fueled with love and understanding and we’ll show you an alternate way of thinking. Leave your ego at home and join us.”