THE LONELY HARPS CLUB: “Dilettante” Single & Animated Video Out! | Epictronic

April 20, 2021

THE LONELY HARPS CLUB: “Dilettante” Single & Animated Video Out!


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THE LONELY HARPS CLUB “Dilettante” Single & Animated Video Out! The Lonely Harps Club are proud to release the single and video for the track “Dilettante”, taken from the band’s album “Long Game” due for release on 14 05 2021 via Epictronic. “Dilettante is a song about enjoying life and having fun with your friends, especially when you don’t fit into the narrow boxes dictated by society. It’s a humorous love letter to the wonderful group of international, artsy friends I had when I lived in Tokyo. Dilettante is an upbeat and catchy song, but quite poignant right now because we haven’t been able to socialise freely in over a year thanks to the pandemic. I think it’s appropriate that it is being released just as restrictions start to lift in my current home, the UK. The video is created by an up and coming artist and a very good friend of mine: Isabel Galwey of the Greenwood Studio. I feel the animation finishes my thoughts and captures the lighthearted, creative, and adventurous spirit of the song.” READ MORE