Talented Rock Artist Nino Dani signs with Epictronic Records | Epictronic

March 16, 2023

Talented Rock Artist Nino Dani signs with Epictronic Records


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Talented singer-songwriter Nino Dani has signed with Epictronic Records to release his new EP in the upcoming months. Nino Dani has been actively performing as a solo artist for the past two years, accompanied by a live band, and has previously played in a few local bands. Nino Dani’s music is a unique blend of goth rock and metal, featuring melancholic and romantic lyrics that are perfectly complemented by the metal music sound. Over the past two years, Nino Dani has been working with John Fryer, a renowned producer who has previously worked with bands like Depeche Mode, HIM, and Radiohead. John Fryer has mixed and mastered Nino Dani’s songs, giving them a professional and polished sound. Nino Dani is thrilled about signing with Epictronic Records and is confident that this deal will help bring their music to a wider audience. The upcoming EP will feature some of Nino Dani’s best work to date, and fans can expect a powerful and emotional experience from each track. Nino Dani’s music is available on Spotify. You can also follow Nino Dani on Instagram at instagram.com/nino.dani6, and watch all of his music videos on his YouTube channel at youtube.com/@ninodanivevo2045