Sunset Groove Society Unveils Debut Single “Meta Funk” | Epictronic

February 5, 2024

Sunset Groove Society Unveils Debut Single “Meta Funk”


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Epictronic’s latest pop-rock sensation, Sunset Groove Society, is set to astound music enthusiasts worldwide with the impending release of their debut single, “Meta Funk.” More info coming soon! This dynamic duo, comprising a multifaceted bassist, who navigates the business realm as a business lawyer, and a versatile singer, marks their entry into the musical scene with an innovative project that transcends genres, merging pop, funk, and dance seamlessly. Taking inspiration from their Metal and Progressive music origins, Sunset Groove Society has shaped a unique style that combines different sounds. Their debut single, “Meta Funk,” reflects this journey by offering a groovy and energetic track accompanied by an exciting music video. This is not your typical music experience—it’s something that will grab people’s attention everywhere! At the helm of this creative force stands Alberto Rigoni, a celebrated soloist recognized for his exceptional work in BAD AS, Vivaldi Metal Project, and collaborations with notable artists such as Kim Bingham. Rigoni boasts an impressive discography of over 45 released records across diverse projects, solidifying his reputation as a virtuoso in the music industry. Collaborating with him is Mattia Martin, renowned for his contributions to Nova Luna and previous engagements with BAD AS, among other commendable ventures.