Singer & Songwriter Timea Göghova Unveils Captivating Lyric Video for “There’s a Boy” | Epictronic

June 6, 2023

Singer & Songwriter Timea Göghova Unveils Captivating Lyric Video for “There’s a Boy”


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The enchanting solo artist, Timea Göghova, is thrilled to announce the release of the lyric video for her track, “There’s a Boy,” taken from her highly anticipated album, “Wild Storm.” The album, set to launch on June 17th, 2023, will be available on all major streaming platforms via Epictronic. There’s a Boy” is a heart-wrenching masterpiece that unravels a gripping tale of a young boy’s profound loss and his relentless battle within his own family. The song delves into the universal themes of recurring patterns and the indomitable presence of pain and darkness in our lives, reminding us that life can sometimes feel like an unending cycle. The emotional journey in “There’s a Boy” is further enriched through Timea Göghova’s poignant drawings, which capture the essence of the boy’s struggle. “There’s a Boy” along with “Wild Storm” & “I Thought” hold a special place in Timea’s journey, as they are among the oldest songs that sparked the idea of producing ballads. Originally written at a young age, these compositions have ripened over time, resonating with a depth and maturity that transcend their origins. The piano arrangement by Carolina Melisa Gonzales adds another layer of beauty and emotional impact, intertwining seamlessly with the evocative lyrics and melodies. To bring the lyrics to life in a captivating way, the video was skillfully crafted by Volume Agency, led by Riccardo Ceppari and Martina Pizzi. Timea Göghova is a versatile artist who covers several genres of music. She is known for singing clean, screaming, and singing classic songs. She is also the frontwoman of Still Awake (Melodic Metal) and Passion Control (Jazzfunk). As a solo artist, she composes ballads and R&B songs. Timea Göghova has been passionate about music from a young age. With a background in choirs and a love for the German language, she moved to Germany in 2021. Her talent has gained recognition through appearances on TV shows like Sztárban Sztár Leszek and The Voice of Germany, as well as winning the South German Finals of Emergenza Bandcontest. Her latest album, “Wild Storm,” is a captivating blend of ballads and rock songs that highlight her vocal prowess. Timea has also collaborated with notable guests including Alex Beyrodt, Dominik Krämer, Alex Scholpp, and Dara Zusko, adding a special touch to her music.