Ripples Debut EP Out Today via Epictronic / The Orchard | Epictronic

November 8, 2019

Ripples Debut EP Out Today via Epictronic / The Orchard


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Ripples is a project created by Marco Chiereghin which features many different genres and collaborations with various musicians and singers. Marco is author, composer and producer who throughout the 90’s, has worked with a lot of Italian record labels and many artists. These collaborations have seen Marco expressing himself as composer, arranger and/or musician. Born a drummer, Marco studied at the College of Music in Venezia but his passion and desire is to write his own songs. This approach has led Marco to also learn keyboards and bass. An instinctive natural skill in Marco is to easily learn recording techniques and also attend many courses in the tracking and use of main music softwares. Another strong passion in Marco is to experiment with and design sounds into new forms. Every song written is a message or a mood to be transmitted, and his intentions are to emotionally involve and stimulate the listeners. iTunes HERE / Spotify HERE