Progressive Rock Artist ALMS Presents “Ira” (Official Lyric Video) | Epictronic

December 12, 2022

Progressive Rock Artist ALMS Presents “Ira” (Official Lyric Video)


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“Ira” is a track taken from ALMS album “The Trial” out via Epictronic Records. Alms is a progressive rock project created by Spanish talented artist Aitor Lucena Martínez. With a structure following the operatic format, ‘The Trial’ is a concept album that can be labeled as Symphonic Progressive Rock, in which besides the classic-rock elements, instruments such as flutes, mandolin, oboe, or violin contribute to creating the atmosphere and landscapes of each and every passage. It is a very heterogeneous album in its style, as I drink from many different influences: folk, rock, classical music… all of them converge to make ‘The Trial’. I hope you like it!

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