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Latest News

Our co-branding campaign with Limen Clothing restarts today! Order from and get a free cd from Epictronic !

Mission Jupiter “Architecture” and Guilt Coins “Keep The Kick” are out in Canada now via Propagande Distribution.  

Mutant Pop artist Ethel had a pretty long conversation  with Ryan from Jammer Zine. It is the first official interview after she released her debut solo single “Superstar baby” therefore its an exclusive interview! Link: https://jammerzine.c  More...

Ethel is a Pop Mutant. Born in Latvia, living in Israel, Also known as the lead singer of Rock/Metal band MAGEN and the Middle Eastern rave act ORGONITE, acts that performs in festivals in Israel and around the world, surrounded by loving and loyal fans.   More...

On September the 22nd Mission Jupiter will perform at Daily Metal Female Fronted Fest in Belarus. Check the Event here: