Jeremy Harry Harris Unveils Emotional Single “Tell Me It Ain’t True” | Epictronic

December 17, 2023

Jeremy Harry Harris Unveils Emotional Single “Tell Me It Ain’t True”


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Jeremy Harry Harris, the acclaimed singer-songwriter known for his introspective and soulful compositions, is proud to release his latest single and captivating music video, “Tell Me It Ain’t True.” The song and accompanying video delves into the depths of denial and the unwavering mindset of refusing to accept the end of a love story. “Tell Me It Ain’t True” explores the universal experience of grappling with heartbreak and the overwhelming desire to deny the painful reality. Drawing from the track’s poignant lyrics and the artist’s signature emotive style, the video takes viewers on a journey that blends love, loss, grief, and the haunting presence of the darkness that exists within such a journey. As a part of his larger concept album, Walking With My Darkness, “Tell Me It Ain’t True” serves as a vital chapter in the artist’s exploration of the complex emotions surrounding relationships and their eventual demise. The music video for this track, along with the previously released video for “Flatline D.O.A,” features the same actors portraying a couple navigating the treacherous path of their shared pain and individual struggle. With a profound narrative and powerful performances, “Tell Me It Ain’t True” is set to captivate audiences and resonate deeply with those who have experienced the overwhelming weight of denial in the face of heartbreak. Jeremy Harry Harris skillfully combines haunting melodies and introspective lyrics to create a mesmerizing visual and auditory experience.