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January 10, 2023

Italian Alternative Rock Project DESPITE THE WANE Signs With Epictronic


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Epictronic Records is proud to announce that Italian alt. rock project DESPITE THE WANE signed a deal for the album “Beyond That Wall”, due for release on February 17th, 2023. “Beyond that Wall” is the new album by Despite the Wane, ten songs, undeniably rock, powerful and rousing, revealing a knack for catchy and irresistible refrains. In a crystalline rock structure held up by the outstanding and talented solo guitarist, Max Dury, the attention focuses on the melody and on the variations of the voice by the passionate singer, Mir Kollins, also the author of the lyrics. “Beyond that Wall” is also the result of years of devoted listening to the most influential and iconic bands of the rock scene since the late 1970s. A passionate listener can easily name the references to electronic music and the British New Wave, enjoying this vibrant album, full of drama and emotion. The title track encompasses the spirit of the whole album, the artist’s inner struggle between the desolation for an adverse fate and the adamant, unrelenting sense of rebellion against it. The doubt arising from failing and the regret of a lost opportunity do not turn into self-indulgence; on the contrary, they feed the leap of awareness which brings about taking stock of one’s life and the need for a rise against the incomprehensible suffering of the human condition. A red thread goes through these ten songs, defining the stages of a long, harsh, solitary journey. From a present of restlessness and solitude (The Missteps I made), the artist recalls memories, and glimpses of promises and incomprehension come up (A letter). He claims that life must have a sense (Something will remain), our memories will not vanish away as shadows in the dark (You are present), and moments of pure joy and madness (LMNG) are still possible, albeit elusive. Now the direction of travel is clear, the crossing of the desert is an effort beyond imagination and no reward will be provided. The landing is a deserted territory, inhabited by empty shades (Blank faces) and the unfair fate is the human condition (Waiting). In the beginning, there were a bunch of teenagers without means enthralled by the British rock scene. So they took advantage of the available spectrum and set up a radio. With them, they suddenly discovered an immense space of electromagnetic waves for an infinite flow of music: the signal spread out only within a limited local area, but for them, it was a huge window open into the world. The electronic suggestions – not surprisingly, the broadcaster, Radioland, was named after a song by the german cult group “Kraftwerk” -, the decadent atmospheres and the post-punk vibes became a second skin. And when that “free” space was abruptly closed, they knew that the time had come to step up and put together a band to make his own music speak. Mir Kollins (the project’s creator) puts ads in the specialized press to recruit musicians and starts playing with the bands that perform in the local clubs. When he meets Max Dury he has no doubts that he has found his soulmate: the technique is sheer, the touch magnetic, and the ear accurate; MD holds his guitar as if it were a natural prolongation of his body. The first core of the band is completed: afterward, they call in other musicians to work on specific projects, with varying fortune. These are the times when the band changes its name several times, and bass and drum players rotate as well. What doesn’t change is the enthusiasm and determination to bring forth their project, no matter the disappointment caused by the cynism and the aloof attitude of the music sector. Though they gained some heed from the press and got the attention of some top producers, they do not have the resources. They don’t benefit from the massive push of TV and cannot compete against the new stars created by reality shows. Still, the desire for success and the ambition to believe in their music and in their songs support them even if their aspirations are regularly frustrated. The latest project is “Despite the Wane”: the band still revolves around the two original members: Mir Kollins, vocals and synths, author and arranger, and Max Dury, lead guitar. They create, play, arrange and produce their songs and define their original, unique sound, though clearly recalling its deep roots in the British New Wave and evoking progressive, alternative, gothic, and obviously electronic rock suggestions. As usual, the band dramatically focuses on the lyrics, which are sustained by recognizable melody lines, powerful guitar riffs, and the deep, enticing voice of the singer. At the very heart of their songs are the search for an answer, the journey as a metaphor for a change, the need to know and understand the mystery of life, the hurting for a loss, and the determination to rise against the incomprehensible suffering of the human condition. In their productions recalling the post-punk spirit, there is no nostalgia but a constant curiosity toward the present, aware that online platforms and shops monopolize the current huge musical proposal. Against this background, “Despite the Wane” are certain there is an audience for their songs.