German Indietronic Rock Experience BROMSEN Signs With Epictronic | Epictronic

July 7, 2023

German Indietronic Rock Experience BROMSEN Signs With Epictronic


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Berlin-based indietronic duo Bromsen has signed a deal with Epictronic Records for the release of their highly anticipated debut album, “Brothers in Mind.” The album is scheduled to be available later this year. The collaboration covers further exploitation of their already released singles “Merryman”, The Photograph” and “We!”. Bromsen, formed in Berlin, Germany, consists of Richard and Karlo Bromsen, who have known each other for more than 20 years. In the mid-2000s, they performed together with their previous band, “The Pampelmuse,” at numerous indie rock clubs in Berlin. However, the band disbanded in 2006, just before what was expected to be their breakthrough. Many years passed before Karlo and Richard decided it was time to reignite their passion for music and pursue their dreams once again. Bromsen has made a triumphant return to the music scene, showcasing their unique blend of synth-wave elements and guitars. Their distinctive sound combines a punchy wall of sound with raw and soaring vocals that compel listeners to groove along and sing along. Their first three singles have received critical acclaim from the indie press, and they have garnered airplay on indie radio stations across North America, the UK, France, Brazil, and other regions. Bromsen’s songs often delve into their sources of inspiration. Their latest anthem, “We!”, celebrates the profound power of friendship. However, their upcoming fourth single, “Read About It,” pays homage to the artists who have greatly influenced Bromsen but have tragically departed, leaving behind a legacy that can only be read about.
Karlo expresses, “Our first three songs took listeners on a synth-wave journey, emotionally. However, the upcoming single will transport you from the synth-wave realm to an island retreat. It invites you to spend some time there, gazing at the vast and open sea, providing an opportunity for reflection.” Bromsen produces all of their songs in their dedicated studio, which they call “Bromsen-forge” Richard explains, “Karlo brings the raw diamonds to me in our Bromsen Forge, and together, we ignite the creative fires to craft genuine musical gems.” Richard contributes by playing synthesizers and guitars, while Karlo takes charge of the vocals, weaving their artistic vision into reality. In a statement about the signing, Bromsen says, “We know that our next album will be a Milestone – it will breathe rock with every fiber. Therefore we have been looking for a label that expresses and symbolizes exactly that attitude and we are so happy to have found Epictronic because that is exactly what they do. It is pure passion & dedication to great rock music and we are happy to be part of that family and strive to jointly conquer the world.”