French Melodic Artist NUITARIE Signs With Epictronic & Announces “Ghost Love Stories” EP | Epictronic

April 7, 2022

French Melodic Artist NUITARIE Signs With Epictronic & Announces “Ghost Love Stories” EP


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French Singer-songwriter Nuitarie is proud and honored to sign a deal with Epictronic for the EP ‘Ghost Love Stories’. Thanks to Epictronic, she feels like she is making a big step in her career. She is very excited to see how this collaboration will unfold. ‘Ghost Love Stories’ is Nuitarie’s fourth EP, but the first one that is not purely instrumental music. For this project, she dared to put her words into music and let her voice guide the listener through melancholy stories.” “Ghost Love Stories” is due for release on May 6th, 2022 worldwide. Ghost Love Stories: ‘Ghost Love Stories’ was born of a series of questions surrounding love and regrets. Do you remember that place you went through once and never came back to? Does this place still haunt your dreams? Do you remember those people you met a long time ago, whose names you forgot, but who still left a trace in your memories? The EP is a celebration of those fleeting moments and a tender reflection on the places and people who haunt us. It plays with the theme of the ghost, with a twist. Those specters are not scary, they embody our memories and past lives. Nuitarie’s music is a dreamy blend of folk, rock and electronic music, with melancholy songs and eerie arrangements. For these, she worked with pianist Evi Ciglia (“Left-turn on Spirit Drive”) and guitarist and sound engineer Sebastián González García (“Marlene”, “Wicked Remains”) in order to give new richness and variety to her music. Nuitarie is a French solo singer-songwriter who also works as a choir director and a vocal coach. She began her professional journey into music in 2011 when she joined the a cappella vocal group Negitachi and decided to give her musical career a real go. From there, she studied at the Studio des Variétés in Paris and never looked back. She self-produced three instrumental EPs since 2016, musical journeys into far away lands, ‘Arcaibh’, with Celtic accents, ‘Pluto, 1982’ a retro tribute to science-fiction, and ‘Dans une parure de plumes grises’, a love letter to chamber music. Her sources of inspiration are wildly diverse, ranging from Japanese animation and video games, with Joe Hisaishi or Yoko Shimomura, to symphonic heavy-metal such as Nightwish or Within Temptation. This wide range allows Nuitarie to develop her ever-growing musical ideas, poetic excursions into new lands to escape reality. READ MORE