Don’t Miss Despite the Wane’s New Original Video for “You Are Present” | Epictronic

June 10, 2023

Don’t Miss Despite the Wane’s New Original Video for “You Are Present”


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Dynamic rock force duo Despite the Wane has released a mesmerizing music video for their track “You Are Present.” The song is featured on their latest album, “Beyond That Wall,” which is now available worldwide via Epictronic. “Beyond That Wall showcases ten undeniably rock-infused tracks that are both powerful and uplifting. The album seamlessly blends the influences of British New Wave with progressive, alternative, and electronic rock, resulting in a truly unique musical experience. Demonstrating their innate ability to craft infectious and captivating refrains, Despite the Wane solidifies their status as exceptional songwriters and performers. Despite the Wane fearlessly defies the confines imposed by mainstream musical monopolies, fearlessly embracing the current moment while crafting their own unique and genuine sonic tapestry. The band’s unwavering commitment to creating groundbreaking music has enraptured audiences and shattered conventions, establishing them as an awe-inspiring force within the industry. The band’s lineup consists of Mir Kollins on vocals, piano, and keyboards, and Max Dury on electric guitars. Together, they bring a formidable energy and musicality to every composition, elevating their sound to new heights.