Cinematic Space Art Rock Project 22 FOR SILICON ALONE Signs With Epictronic | Epictronic

February 25, 2023

Cinematic Space Art Rock Project 22 FOR SILICON ALONE Signs With Epictronic


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The universe of music just got a little bit bigger and a lot more interesting with the reissue of “Only Dark Matters”, the first album from Space Art Rock project 22 FOR SILICON ALONE. Led by audiovisual director and singer/songwriter Alexis Pfrimmer, this innovative band replaces traditional rock instruments with the violin and baritone saxophone, creating a sound that transcends the boundaries of space and time. The songs on “Only Dark Matters” are a musical journey that takes listeners from metal to classical, with electrifying touches of electro and improvisational flourishes. With lyrics in both French and English, the album offers a unique perspective on the universe and a chance to explore the balance between chaos and grace. Acclaimed by the press for their otherworldly experience, 22 FOR SILICON ALONE has already performed at renowned venues like La Mazane in Paris and L’Armande Kurth in Liège. The reissue of “Only Dark Matters” is set to take the universe by storm and make waves in the world of music. Get ready for a musical experience, unlike anything you’ve ever heard before! The reissue of “Only Dark Matters” by 22 for Silicon Alone will be available on March 31, 2023, via Epictronic Records. Album Line up: All songs written, composed & produced by Alexis Pfrimmer
All Lyrics are written by Alexis Pfrimmer & François Vinsot Co-produced by Floriane Desperier, Violin, Arrangement & Fx: Joachim Baumerder, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone Tenor, and Baritone: Marti Marganon, Drums: Luca Glausen, Piano, Keys & Synth: Alberto De Juan, Vocal Coach: Ophélie Cazes,
Additional Musicians: Marina Delicado (Piano on tracks 6, 7 & 9), Niels Borrey (Guitars on track 6, Bass on track 10), Matteo Pastorino (Bass Clarinet on tracks 6, 7 & 9), Vincent Thekal (Baryton Sax on track 10), Soheil Tabrizi-Zadeh (Guitar on track 6) Recording engineer: Clément Gariel in Studio de Meudon, Additional vocal recording Haekem Theater thanks to Gérard Daval, Mixing engineer: Angelica Roca, mastering engineer: Tom Baker at Baker Mastering Artwork credits: Concept: Alexis Pfrimmer & Floriane Desperier, HeadPiece: Pierre-Louis Graizon, Photographer: Ophélie Longuépée, Model: Chloé Santinacci, Styling: Marina Kesse, Make-up: Ana Japson, Set design: Créature Bxl, Production: Floriane Desperier @ Entrée Libre, Alexis’ Statement “I wanted to take the listener on a journey so I let myself be guided by this title. I saw a very strong link between dark matter and our unconscious, both present at 90% in the universe, and yet no one knows what they are. I started to create a character attracted by light yet always caught back by his demons. Behind this enigmatic title hides an ambiguous observation, a provocative statement that stands like a refrain for a modern Orpheus. Lyric-wise, I worked with author François Vinsot. We explored both in French and English, space for ambiguity, word games, double meanings, and non-spokes. Straight out of a tortured love story, in need of reciprocity: a wannabe French lover caught in an impossible relationship, from wounds to wounds, he confides in music.Rock was the focus but to push the idea further, I wanted the music to be sometimes unrecognizable so I used classic and jazz instruments running through effects. In the end, anything could be rock, it’s just a matter of intention. Each song has its own atypical combination of styles from heavy metal to light jazz, through Drum’n’Bass or even EDM. For me, the essence of this album is all about offering to see the invisible whether it’s a matter of emotions or sensations which is why I looked upon what inspired me the most: artistic gestures going from Mike Patton to David Bowie including Tool, The Mars Volta, David Byrne, Salvador Dali, and David Lynch. It’s an immense joy to be recognized and understood for your craft which is why I feel totally blessed and honored to enter the Epictronic family with this debut album. I hope it will echo one way or another with your soul. Love and Peace to you all.”