Aussie Rock Artist Jeremy Harry Harris signs Epic deal with Epictronic | Epictronic

September 14, 2023

Aussie Rock Artist Jeremy Harry Harris signs Epic deal with Epictronic


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Australian-born artist Jeremy Harry Harris has traveled halfway around the world for one thing and one thing only! Today in the beautiful surroundings of Italy, the prolific songwriter and performer met with Epictronic label owner Carlo Bellotti to ink a deal destined to change his life forever. Speaking with Harry (as he likes to be known), the excitement on display is infectious and genuine as he described what this partnership with Epictronic means and what’s in store over the next 12 – 18 months. “This is really something! I mean really, really something!” smiles a delighted Harry. “I’ve been making music for a very long time, funding my albums, self-releasing and never giving up on the dream of being a signed artist. Today that dream came true!”Signing a worldwide deal with Epictronic to release my new album “Walking With My Darkness” in both physical and digital formats is a reflection of the quality of the music on this album and speaks to the ongoing vision the label has. I’m extremely honored to be invited into such an exclusive club and am grateful for the chance Carlo and Epictronic have offered me”. When asked what this means, a huge grin breaks across Harry’s face as he tries to contain his excitement. “This deal means so much in so many ways! For starters, I finally have a team behind me that loves my music, treats me like family, and is just as excited as I am to be working together!” Harry continues, “There are so many ‘labels’ out there that promise the world and then fail to deliver. With Epictronic you get what they’ve promised and more! This deal today will see us partner up for 6 single releases plus the full-length album over the next 12 months in addition to an option for another album which is already in the works”. “Being able to sit down with the Epictronic team to discuss in detail the release plan and the support they’re giving has just been incredible! So much support, so much passion and so many of the little things identified that I would never have thought of without Carlo and his team”.“Walking With My Darkness” will be officially released worldwide Friday 16th February 2024 physically through Epictronic, Misra, Redeye Worldwide & Disc Union (Japan), with initial singles (drawn from the album) “Flatline D.O.A”, “Haunted” and “Tell Me It Ain’t True” all set to drop throughout the remainder of 2023 digitally via The Orchard Sony.