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August 15, 2017

Aradia featured in the mighty


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There comes a point in an individual’s life in which excuses and societal expectations get tossed aside and you simply own up to your role as the leader of your life. Taking her divine and promising destiny into her own hands and taking command of the journey that is her life, Los Angeles songstress, Aradia, has come to find that she is in control of the ride and expresses that vividly over her latest single release, “CEO”. The track serves as an ode to how Aradia bleeds her heart and unique apperception into her art and every aspect of life that she chooses to involve and evolve herself in.

Learning that she is a much better human being when she maximizes her ability to shed light, Aradia puts up a fight for those that have yet to take control and this motivational track that was conjured up in her idiosyncratic mind is both futuristic and as real as it comes. Tossing in the towel on what is irrelevant, “CEO” is the end of the summer track that will keep you on your feet for the rest of the year and inspire listeners to rid of their fears.

There is a bold sass within the bones of Aradia that is welcomed and appreciated at this time. Our worlds are constantly going under massive transformations, and being able to momentously confront the trivial aspects that can overshadow the facts as they come is necessary. Aradia is an empowered woman who is standing tall for all of those who are not letting their own precious lives go to waste. The fire that burns inside of Aradia is hot; don’t be surprised if you observe her on the way to taking a top spot on Billboard charts and radio station rotations over the years to come. Copyright: