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Release Date: October 6, 2015


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Italian Dance/Pop singer Marina Pernini has just announced that her new single“What I Want” will be released worldwide via Epictronic on August The 15th 2015

The song has been written, produced, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered by famed dance producer Marco Chiereghin and published by Warner Chappell Music Holland B.V.

The song can be streamed at this location and is available for radio airplay upon request:

Marina stated: I am finally about to release my new single “What I Want” via Epictronic worldwide. I have, once again, decided to work with Marco Chiereghin who is songwriter and producer for my song, for whom I have performed and written the lyrics. This song is about myself and what I want for me, since the lyrics were inspired by people’s constant research for happiness , elsewhere , far from the simple things we deal with on a daily base like love and building on a happy and free soul. “What I Want” is a single release but,  we are really working on a full length album that will be released via Epictronic when ready. Its very hard to describe what I am living with simple words … Having signed this deal is like a dream come true. My own dream coming true. I truly belive that this is a gift from life after a life long commitment and devotion towards music.”

New versions of the single will be released during the coming months.

Vocal Coach: Alessandro Vaneffi
Photography: Riccardo Ciriello
Hair Stylist: Nelly Penzo
Make Up Artist: Arianna Ferro
Graphics: Pole DigitalPix

What I Want