Ville Oravala signs songwriter deal with Epictronic! | Epictronic

October 7, 2017

Ville Oravala signs songwriter deal with Epictronic!


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Ville Oravala’s (born 1988 in Tavastia Proper, Finland) main instrument guitar has been in his life since his childhood.  As a composer he uses different instruments to create strong, beautiful and unique songs. His works has been earlier published under former, finnish metal act, Asa-Noir. He has studied guitar and theory as a student of finnish jazz musician Tommi Varjola. Ville lives in Riihimäki/Tavastia Proper with his wife, son and step daughter.

Ville Stated: “Music isn’t just harmonic sounds layered together, it’s a method where musician tries to affect macrocosm from within. To evoke certain atmospheres, vibrations and visions for listener and artist itself. That’s the thing when you hear a good song which gives you chills or touches you otherwise. My inspirations come mostly from mundane, everyday things. We have become so hasty that we easily miss all the small precious things around us. The archetypes within these things can be really inspiring. Much more than the modern cause for chasing after some specific aspects, when we have every key in our hands already. We just need to know how to see and use them as the source. That is my philosophy.”

Ville is already working with Sara Vanderheyden (recently signed to Epictronic) composing her debut solo album which is taking its beautiful form already.

Ville furthermore stated: ”Working together with Epictronic is natural path for me. I’ve known Carlo since 2013 and working with him has always been good and easy. I eagerly wait what projects we will together see in future.”