Phil Stiles Signs With Epictronic and Announces Debut EP “The Anchorite” | Epictronic

May 18, 2020

Phil Stiles Signs With Epictronic and Announces Debut EP “The Anchorite”


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Phil Stiles is proud to announce the signing with Epictronic Records for the release of his debut solo EP “The Anchorite”, due for release on 05/06/2020 wordlwide. The Anchorite is the debut solo EP from Final Coil frontman Phil Stiles. Whilst the socio-political lyrical themes of Final Coil remain; the music diverges, drawing from a range of electronic influences to create a darkly ambient soundtrack for Phil’s tales of social decay. Eerie dissonance abounds, especially on the atmospheric Intro, which combines stately guitar with the cold, inhuman hum of subterranean machinery. Elsewhere, the rhythmic pulse of mangled samplers recalls the claustrophobic nightmare of Massive Attack, whilst the muscular guitars of Antipathy brings to mind the industrial nightmare of early Godflesh. Recorded in the wake of Final Coil’s acclaimed sophomore album, The World We Left Behind For Others, and set against the backdrop of the UK’s fateful decision to leave the EU, The Anchorite portrays the seismic societal shift that is occurring, not just in the UK, but all around the world as the guardians of the Westphalian nation-state system clash with progressive globalists. Recorded and mixed by Phil, the EP was mastered by the legendary James Plotkin (ISIS, Khanate, Earth, Sunn 0))), Pelican), and the result is an EP that treads a fine line between cold industrial, progressive rock and somnolent trip hop. To accompany the announcement of his solo project, Phil Stiles released the LYRIC VIDEO for the track “A Slide Into Depravity” READ MORE